If you haven’ seen my FIMS ACT with my “Senti-Mentalist” touch, here you go 🙂 Enjoy!
Ecco il mio Act Emozionale dal campionato mondiale della magia FISM.


Grande successo di critica e pubblico per lo show di Luca Volpe Live all’Unicorn di Anzio,
Il pubblico, accorso numeroso, ha assistito con grande divertimento e stupore allo show attribuendogli grandi consensi e molti feedback positivi.

Great show at the Unicorn in Rome, great feedback and positive comments from the numerous members of the audience that attended the show.


Teatro pieno al Magic Circle di Londra per la conferenza di Luca Volpe!

Full teather at The Magic Circle in London for the Luca Volpe Lecture!


“Luca is disarmingly engaging as he manages to create unbelievable events without apparently doing anything tricksy.

Simplicity of method coupled with subtlety of approach is his stock in trade. Entertaining with effects that have worked and will work for you in commercial performing events. A busy night at the The Magic Circle for Luca Volpe’s lecture resulted in theatre full of happy magicians”

David Weeks.


Conferenza Blakpool Magic Circle

Grandi consensi per la conferenza tenuta in UK al Blakpool Magicians Circle
Luca Volpe ha presentato le sue ultime routine per i colleghi intervenuti.

Ecco il commento del presidente Derek Lever:
The members of Blackpool Magicians Club thoroughly enjoyed your lecture which was professional, clever and very entertaining and I would recommend it to all magic clubs.
Derek Lever
President Blackpool Magicians Club


Ecco le date del mio tour di conferenze in Inghilterra (altre date in programmazione)

Thursday 25th October;Blackpool  Magicians Club
Tuesday 30th October; Northamptonshire Magicians Club
Tuesday 20th November; Mid Essex Magical Society MEMS
Wednesday 21st November; Riviera Circle of Magicians
Monday 21st January 2013; The Ipswich Magical Society
Wednesday 23th January 2013; Derby Magic Circle

Wednesday 30th January 2013; Zodiac Magical Society
Monday 4th February 2013; The Magic Circle London
Thursday 7th February 2013;  The Nottingham Guild
Tuesday 19th February 2013: Peterborough Magic Society