A grande richiesta finalmente il video tratto dal mio live show SECRETS dove potrete vedere come rivelo i sogni e i segreti imbarazzanti del mio pubblico!

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Conferenza Midd Essex Magic Society

Continuano i successi di Luca Volpe con le sue conferenze in UK.
Grande riscontro ottenuto al Midd Essex Magic Society.

Ecco la recensione:
Mid Essex Magic Society
Reviewed by John O’Riordan
On Tuesday the 20th November 2012 we were treated to a very professional lecture by Luca Volpe.
It was a most enjoyable and informative evening consisting of many useful hints and tips when presenting close up and stage Mentalism.The lecture was of an excellent structure starting with the presentation of effects and then followed by very detailed and clear explanations in order to be able to perform to one’s own style and personality. It was an a great evening covering many aspects of presentation, humour and the importance of body language. Our members stated that it was very worthwhile as he demonstrated a practical approach to every effect that was demonstrated. 
A great lecture, well delivered by a very enthusiastic magician of whom I am sure we will be hearing his name a great deal in the future.
John O’Riordan