Ancora successi per la conferenza di Luca Volpe al Nottingham Guild !

Great success for the Luca Volpe Lecture at the Nottingham Guild !


The Nottingham Guild of Magicians enjoyed a very entertaining and informative lecture from Luca Volpe This was truly an evening of magic that was for entertaining a lay audience, but was thoroughly enjoyed by all the magicians present.  Luca has a very pleasant manner and all those present found it easy to relate to both him and his magic.  He is extremely friendly and our members found it easy to approach him with questions at the end of the evening.  It was a pleasure to welcome both he and his charming wife and look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Andrew Morrison,

President of The Nottingham Guild of Magicians


Teatro pieno al Magic Circle di Londra per la conferenza di Luca Volpe!

Full teather at The Magic Circle in London for the Luca Volpe Lecture!


“Luca is disarmingly engaging as he manages to create unbelievable events without apparently doing anything tricksy.

Simplicity of method coupled with subtlety of approach is his stock in trade. Entertaining with effects that have worked and will work for you in commercial performing events. A busy night at the The Magic Circle for Luca Volpe’s lecture resulted in theatre full of happy magicians”

David Weeks.


Luca Volpe winner of the Magic Cafe Book of the Year Award 2012

Il libro Emotional Mentalism di Luca Volpe ha vinto il premio internazionale Book of the Year 2012 sul famoso forum mondiale Magic Cafe.

The book Emotional Mentalism winner of the Magic Cafe Book of the Year award 2012



Grande feedback per la conferenza di Luca Volpe allo Zodiac Magic Society di Londra.

Great Luca Volpe lecture at Zodiac Magical Society this evening. Very inspiring and just the kind of thing I needed to see !
Voodo Mick