Ancora successi ieri sera per la conferenza di Luca Volpe al Derby Magic Circle!
Wonderful lecture yesterday night at the Derby Magic Circle!

Luca Volpe presented his ‘Lecture Show’ to Derby Magic Circle on 23rd January, 2013.
This was quite a unique experience for us. Usually we are shown a couple of routines and then these routines are explained in detail for us. What Luca did was performed the whole show, not only did we see Magic happen, we experienced the Magic. By being part of the audience and taking part in the show, we could feel how our audiences would feel performing Luca’s routines. The routines were beautifully constructed and Luca presented them professionally. After the show we had a short interval, then Luca explained the ‘how to’ of all the routines. His explanations were very thorough, every little subtlety was explained in detail. I totally enjoyed the evening and have the utmost respect for Luca, the Italian Mentalist.
Many thanks,
Paul Sharp, Past President of Derby Magic Circle