Grande successo per la conferenza di Luca Volpe all’ IPSWICH MAGIC SOCIETY un grande inizio per la ripresa del lecture tour che durera’ fino al 5 marzo.

Great succes for the lecture at the IPSWICH MAGIC SOCIETY, was a great start for the reprise of the lecture tour which will end the 5th of March.


Luca Volpe’s lecture was one I had been looking forward to for a long time. There aren’t that many full time mentalists on the lecture circuit these days and finding one so prolific in ideas and so willing to share them is a rare treat indeed.
The lecture was split into two halves. The first half was performance only and Luca presented us with six effects from his working repertoire. There was nothing light about these effects either, they were all strong workable pieces of theatre full of subtle nuances that made each piece both mysterious and entertaining. The best thing for me about the routines was how adaptable they all are to work with any style we choose to adopt.
The second half was all about the explanations and for this Luca left no stone unturned. He went into great detail talking about the effect, his thought processes, the subtleties involved and his justification for doing different things. This would often take the effect to a different level. It was quickly apparent that Luca is someone who cares passionately about his work.
It was a real pleasure to see the lecture split up in two halves in this way. So many lecturers stick to the old “show one, explain one” format, and whilst we can often learn just as much like that, what you miss out on is the overall flow of the effects and consequentially I believe by doing it in two halves, you not only can get a much better understanding of how they can play in the real world but you get the bonus of being able to watch a live performance from a true professional and mark my words, Luca Volpe is a true professional.
One of the bits and pieces he was selling on the night was a DVD of the lecture, which had the added bonus of not just a reminder of what had been seen during the night, but the performance part on the DVD was to a “real” audience. I only mention this because Luca didn’t bring it up during the lecture and I think it is a strong selling point.
Unsurprisingly the lecture attracted a lot of attention from visiting magicians from surrounding magic societies, however I suspect we would have had even more present if it wasn’t held on a day of heavy snowfall .
All in all I think it was a thoroughly enjoyable lecture and one which I personally took a lot away from. I took copious notes all night which is always a sign of a great lecture (often my note book is still blank at the end of the Evening).

Simon Shaw