Conferenza in Estonia (Tallin)

Grande successo con la conferenza di mentalismo in Estonia (Tallin) dove Luca Volpe ha presentato le sue ultime creazioni a colleghi mentalisti.
Ecco la recenzione del vice presidente Karl Eelema:

Luca’s lecture is great entertainment packed with powerful concepts and great tricks. It doesn’t matter if you are professional mentalist or beginner in magic, there is lot of useful information for everyone. The way Luca mixes old and new ideas together results with the strong tricks that are untraceable even for magicians. There are no complicated sleight of hand and high-teq gimmicks for the magicians magicians but pure audience tested strong material what really works for lay audiences. And everything is easy to do and fun. If your goal is to entertain people Luca’s lecture is a must. 


Karl Eelmaa – Charlekas

Vice president of The Society of Estonian Magicians